March 21, 2009


Thar he blow.

In honor of Tyler Dockery's twitter page I shall here post my day's important minutia in one fell swoop-- and this day we're talking about is from 9 am yesterday till 7am now, so hold on to your seats people, this ain't no 140 character post.

Recent BBH design by Jay Franck.
Met with
Jay Franck
Jay has been doing freelance design for us for about a year. I didn't have to twist his arm to come in last minute to save me from a mountain of work.

Listened to the new Decemberists Album
Multiple multiple times. It's called The Hazards of Love. It is a concept album, it is a rock opera, there is a children's choir somewhere in there, and it is streaming free here. (Try out "The Rake's Song") This is by far their finest effort and a giant leap for them as musicians. The album is one big fluid piece-- no pause between tracks- its a mess in my mind but I'm determined to figure it out, and will likely run this one into the ground.

This severely cropped image is all I got of my painting for now.
Paid for a painting of Gus Grissom by Lisa Nance.
I couldn't make it to her opening last Friday, so I stopped in at Harvest Records early to call dibs on the best painting before anyone else could. If there is one thing Lisa and I have that sets us apart from everyone else, it's an unhealthy obsession with Gus Grissom.

Got Carl's reaction to our blog post about him.
He related to me in one brief sentence a lifetime of being a Luke Skywalker look-alike. He also reported that after seeing the blog himself, it had been seen by the rest of Fed-Ex within a matter of hours. He was flurrying out the door as he said this but I'm pretty sure he meant beyond the West Asheville office, as he expects it to be "in the New York Times by Monday." Dude's got a Fed-Ex truck full of empty Red Bull cans!

Realized I have to buy $500 worth of envelopes to fill the Urban Outfitter order
Ouch. More on that one later.

Watched Emily knock out 1500 Solid as Barack cards.
She is emotionally ambivilant for having not come anywhere near the record for most hours standing at the Universal 1. She is also disqualified anyhow for taking breaks to read on a stoop of an abandoned store front.

Coaxed three people, including Fritz Klinke of NA Graphics into saying "Rat's Ass" on the letterpress listserv, without having said it myself.
Some people didn't think it was as funny as I did. But it was after midnight and it happened so quickly. Anything goes!

Finished this wedding suite.
Mostly I coached our apprentice Cera through it but I definitely had my fair share of press time (ending at 5am).

Possibly thwarted car theft again.
They never think that someone would actually be occupying a retail space at 4am.

Opened $8 wine bottle somebody left in the fridge today.

They say that idle hands are the work of the devil,
but I happened to strike a pretty sweet deal with the guy so it is all good in the neighborhood. I slacked hard this week and made up for it in spades today.

Sweet Dreams ya'll, its movie time.

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