November 17, 2010

Fun Mail from Shooting Star Press

Having a retail store and writing a book about letterpress has its benefits, and one long standing benefit has been free samples of one of my favorite printers, John Horn of Shooting Star Press in Little Rock, Arkansas.

November 16, 2010

Power & Light's Moveable Type Project: Please support.

Check out this cool video, and then follow this link here to help Kyle make this awesome project a reality. She's raised more than half of what she needs in the first 24 hours of her fundraising, but as of this blog post she has another $4ooo to go. Every little bit helps, and there are various cool letterpress gifts you can get as a reward for pledging a small amount of money. She's raised more than half of what she needs in the last 24 hours, but as of this moment has another $4ooo to go. If you like the idea but can't pledge, please share her fundraising page (and awesome video) to other folks who

November 9, 2010

I'm blogging elsewhere...

And lo it was formed: the Dark Academy.

I've started a filmmaking blog called Dark Academy, where I review books on filmmaking, talk about my favorite films and directors, post cool finds on filmmaking tricks and gadgets, and eventually I will document my own filmmaking process. You should check it out, iffin that kind of shit interests you.