June 8, 2010

Brooklyn Renegade Highlights 2010

The Renegade Marching Band!

We arrived for the National Stationery Show 3 weeks ago and ever since it's been a whirlwind rife with bloggable happenings. I'm still a week away from things truly cooling down and getting to sit down and write it all out-- but I have a few hours to kill between client meetings here in the W. Village so I'm gonna go ahead and do a quick and dirty look at my faves from the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn that we attended last weekend.

Miniature Rhino, purveyor of stationery and embroidery, offered a Letter Writing Service where you can type up a cute little note, which she would put in a nifty corked bottle before she'd send it via post to your intended recipient. It was one of the highlights of my Renegade experience, (though the audience of fair-goers crowding over my shoulder to read as I typed made me a bit self-conscious.)

Renegade is a fantastic venue to find silkscreened posters. Sel & Vinaigre from Montreal was my kind of freaky retro.

Illustrative wonders silkscreened by Clinton Reno of Columbus, OH.

A smattering of shirts from Print Liberation...

including this one sported by Lydia See. Now she can apologize for her tardy ass with panache.

Imaginative and peculiar illustrated posters from Raw Toast.

Got a booth visit from Jeremy, a senior printer at Studio on Fire, who was wandering the fair wearing this sweet t-shirt.

Up next, NSS highlights!