May 9, 2011

May 26: Blue Barnhouse's Grand Closing of Their Asheville Studio: EVERYTHING 75% OFF!!

This coaster/poster sez it all.

Blue Barnhouse Grand Closing

Thursday, May 26th 8PM

428-B Haywood Rd

For one night only, starting at 8pm, everything in Blue Barnhouse's West Asheville store will be 75% off, cards are discount priced between $0.25 and $1.25. Free food and beer, DJing by Harvest Records, lots of greeting card giveaways.

The following day BBH starts moving presses to Wilmington, NC. BBH will thence trickle out over the course of June, the last thing to go will be our greeting card store- but on the night of May 26th you will never see a price on our cards like this again!

You are encouraged to say goodbye to our wonderful little letterpress shop!

Yrs fondly,
brandon and the kids at blue barnhouse

March 9, 2011

An open letter to Asheville: We sadly say farewell.

Having lived in Asheville for the last 8 years and been a part of this wonderful community for so long, it is with a bit of heartache that I deliver this news: by June 30th of this year of 2011, Blue Barnhouse will be relocated to my hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Below are my feelings about my time here in Asheville, but if you want to skip to the "why" and "what it means for the immediate future" and "what kind of events will you be having before you leave," click here.

I remember the day I first came to Asheville to scout out a new home for Blue Barnhouse. It was early September of 2003, my son Toby was almost 2 years old. I moved here from San Francisco, and arrived dressed in shorts with a T-shirt and a hoodie. I remember a chilly wind coming in as dusk settled and being like "Holy shit it's cold up here." Soon a house in West Asheville was procured, my fledgling letterpress shop was run in the basement, we made many wonderful friends and started sinking our roots into the community.

The original members of the Blue Barnhouse Asheville crew pose at a rocking party in our studio basement.

Alot has happened since we carved our niche in this little mountain town--Blue Barnhouse has seen alot of growth and many transformations as a business, and we've had the pleasure to work with so many people (mostly artists & writers from both local and abroad) who have been a part of our very talented crew.

This was the original studio. It's changed about a million times since then.

In 2005 we partnered with Bookworks to buy 428 Haywood Rd and our studio settled into the sweet little niche of stores that were popping up on the east side of I-240. Back then there was practically nothing in that area in terms of shopping and dining- I believe it was Harvest Records, Ship to Shore, Bookworks, Blue Barnhouse, & the Gas Up (I should also mention the B&B Pharmacy and Image420.) There was alot of crime happening when we first settled in, hookers and drug dealers were working the corners, cars got broken into, I watched arrests happen from my store window at least once a week. But in a very short time the east side of West Asheville was cleaned up and beautified, and soon the sidewalks were populated by young baby carriage pushing folk; slowly but surely more businesses that the area was starving for started popping up. We now have our own little island of great shops, bars, and restaurants--and most importantly: Izzy's coffee! It's amazing that this little neighborhood has turned into a slice of walkable heaven in such a short time.

This BBH classic is one of the 50 original card designs we made for Bele Chere.

It was in the summer of 2006 that BBH was generously offered a free booth at the Bele Chere festival- something that changed our business in a really dramatic way. We didn't have anything to sell, so we decided to make some greeting cards. I think we were pretty wasted when we came up with the card designs, trying to make each other laugh-- we weren't trying to make normal greeting cards, we didn't really know anything about them.

Once we set up our booth and put out the cards, we were cracking up the card browsers all day long. The never-ending laugh fest was a street festival phenomenon best described by one of our minions as being "like a mini-show at the Apollo every fifteen minutes." We sold a lot of cards.

To our surprise, our amateur foray into selling these cards wholesale to boutiques and stationery stores was met with instant success. Since our debut at Bele Chere we have produced more than 400 products, we've been in more than 20 trade shows in 6 different cities, we work with 17 sales reps, and we are carried in more than 400 stores in the U.S. and Canada. In these 5 years we have sold hundreds of thousands of cards and probably have 3 times that number in stock, and every single one of them was printed by hand.

We print night and day!

This was dumb luck. Not my plan. I feel like it was part of the entrepreneurial zeitgeist that was happening in this neighborhood and the more localized zeitgest that happened within the walls of this studio, where writers and artists could have fun, joke around, create shit, and actually make a living at it. This is all we do now, and it's hard work but we have a good time doing it.

I am really thankful for the people who worked so diligently to get this greeting card machine moving, there are too many of you for me to even attempt to count. I am thankful for the huge amount of support and love we have received from the city of Asheville and the community of West Asheville in particular. I'm pretty sure Blue Barnhouse couldn't have happened the way it did at any other time or in any other place. And for that I owe Asheville everything. Thank you, Asheville. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Yours fondly,
brandon & the kids at blue barnhouse

*I wanted to keep my letter to Asheville in its own post. Read on for details about what's happening at Blue Barnhouse in the immediate future.

**If you want to relive how we spent our time here in Asheville, you should poke around this blog, and you can check out our flickr account for pictures of our Asheville adventure.

An open letter to Asheville Part II: Our impending move to Wilmington, NC, and some events we are having here in Asheville before we hit the road.

Why Wilmington?
There were a number of factors involved in my decision to move BBH to Wilmington, NC. The primary reason would be my interest in filmmaking-- I've wanted to be involved in filmmaking for a number of years, and over the course of the last year I have been actively making efforts to dive into it. At the beginning of the year I applied to UNCW with the intention of getting a second bachelor's degree in Film Studies, and just a few weeks ago I was accepted into the program. The film studies program there is pretty amazing and Wilmington is a hotbed for filmmaking where I already have some good connections-- a brand new adventure awaits me and I am thrilled to be able to pursue a new creative medium. My other reasons for relocating are more personal, mostly having to do with going back home, having my family close by, a less expensive living situation, the beach, fresh seafood. I love the ocean, I love Wilmington, I love the prospect of being able to go surfing year round.

In June, this space on the corner of Wooster Street and Dawson Street in downtown Wilmington will be taken over by Blue Barnhouse.

By a stroke of luck when I started nosing around for a possible location to move Blue Barnhouse, I found it on the first phone call: a 10,000 sq ft warehouse in downtown Wilmington that was shared by a number of craftsmen. The landlord was jazzed about the idea of our presence there and was willing to work with us to hold the space until June. It's well lit and spacious and couldn't be a more perfect space for our needs.

How we want to say goodbye to Asheville.
1. For starters, we won't be having a retail space in Wilmington, and we have a lot of gifts and stationery we need to unload. That's why starting today, until the day we leave, everything in the store is 50% off it's marked price, and that goes for our bargain bins too. Please note that due to this transition and all that it entails we have had erratic operating hours. Currently we are open M-F 12-6, sometimes we'll be open on Saturdays, but it is always best to call ahead: 828-225-3991

2. We've had our heads up our asses for the last couple of years and haven't had any local events in the recent past- but we'd like to see all the faces of friends we've made here locally over the years. We will be having a social hour on the last Friday of each month where we'll be serving Free PBR, have some giveaways, and talk about the good old days. These dates are March 25th and April 29th from 7pm-??

The day before we start rolling the presses away to their new home, Blue Barnhouse will have one last hoorah on Friday May 27th. More details to follow, but we promise it will be a really great event with all kinds of free for-all giveaways. The retail shop will continue to be open until mid-June.

Book Release Party
Hopefully, if it is released on time, we will somehow work in a release party for my book Adventures in Letterpress, which features images of letterpress from more than 70 letterpress studios and artists from all over the world, and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

Photographing letterpress for my upcoming book, Adventures in Letterpress.

But where can we get your cards?!
Malaprops and Write On, both downtown, have been carrying our cards for years, and I'm certain they will continue to do so after we leave. There is also our webstore, which has every product we've ever made under the sun for sale. You can also send an email with the subject line "subscribe" to to subscribe to our newsletter, where we will keep you up to date with our most current work and happenings, or you can get up to the minute progress reports via our twitter account.

Space for rent
428-B Haywood Road will more than likely be available for rent by July 1. We are still working out the details about the space before we put it on the market, but please contact me if you are interested in looking at our space.

Can we visit you?!
Our new studio will be a private studio, but we'd love to have visitors. All you have to do is drop us a line to make an appointment at And if you are interested in following my pursuits in filmmaking, you should check out my filmmaking blog, Dark Academy.

And lastly...
I realize that this is probably sudden and sad news to many people here in the neighborhood. We intend to make the best of our time remaining here in Asheville, and look forward to seeing all of you to say our goodbyes and show our gratitude for so many years of support.

We are very excited for this new adventure on our horizon and the fortunes it may hold.

Yrs fondly,
Brandon & the BBH crew

January 20, 2011

Letterpress makes me feel home again

When I first began working at Blue Barnhouse back in Spring 2009 I knew nothing of Letterpress and only a little about printmaking in general. After a few crash sessions on the Vandercook and the C&P, a little hanging around the shop, and a modicum of historical letterpress education, I fell in love.
It was the smell of the ink, the clankety-clack of the C&P and the side-stepping necessary while operating the Vandercook. The feel of the different grains of paper and how they accepted ink. The little bit of fear that gripped my heart every time I fed the motorized C&P and the exhaustion of my body after operating the foot-pedal C&P.
Around the time I began working at the shop, Brandon began the process of compiling submissions for Adventures in Letterpress. It wasn't long before he realized he had a Photographer apprenticing in the shop, and I started shooting some of the submissions we were receiving. Over the next several months, we set up a makeshift studio (versions 1-7) and I was able to learn more than I ever wanted to know about shooting paper. Trust me, Paper is not easy or fun to shoot until you get the hang of it. Which took about 2 months.
Then I moved to Massachusetts.
There was a hole in my heart where a press used to be.

In the summer of 2010 Brandon came to pick me up in Boston (after visiting a few presses on his journey), and we hustled down to NY for Renegade Brooklyn and some fun with the folks at Mark Batty Publisher. (read B's renegade post here.. it's a hoot!)
While in NY we also visited PressNY and the Arm, two of our fav presses run by some really lovely individuals. I got to shoot the shops and drool over type. My love for letterpress was compounded.

the Arm, photographed by lydia see June 2010:

Press NY, photographed by lydia see June 2010:

So now it's January 2011, I am visiting Asheville, and I couldn't stay out of the shop. In fact, I have spent more time here since I've been back for a limited 5-day run than I have spent anywhere else. I've been scoring "Stupid Fucking Lovebirds" both clean and dirty, I've been shooting the shop and filling wholesale orders. I've been taking it all in..
I even made this video of me Operating the foot pedal C&P Wednesday night. So when I get lonely in the cold, white North, I can watch it and remember how warm Letterpress makes me. and how I feel Home again when I'm here.

November 17, 2010

Fun Mail from Shooting Star Press

Having a retail store and writing a book about letterpress has its benefits, and one long standing benefit has been free samples of one of my favorite printers, John Horn of Shooting Star Press in Little Rock, Arkansas.

November 16, 2010

Power & Light's Moveable Type Project: Please support.

Check out this cool video, and then follow this link here to help Kyle make this awesome project a reality. She's raised more than half of what she needs in the first 24 hours of her fundraising, but as of this blog post she has another $4ooo to go. Every little bit helps, and there are various cool letterpress gifts you can get as a reward for pledging a small amount of money. She's raised more than half of what she needs in the last 24 hours, but as of this moment has another $4ooo to go. If you like the idea but can't pledge, please share her fundraising page (and awesome video) to other folks who

November 9, 2010

I'm blogging elsewhere...

And lo it was formed: the Dark Academy.

I've started a filmmaking blog called Dark Academy, where I review books on filmmaking, talk about my favorite films and directors, post cool finds on filmmaking tricks and gadgets, and eventually I will document my own filmmaking process. You should check it out, iffin that kind of shit interests you.

August 1, 2010

Get you some Janelle!

ATLiens Janelle Monae & Big Boi collaborate again.

I highly recommend you get Janelle's album The ArchAndroid, which is hot, banging, and crazy weird. She also collaborates on the album w/ one of my Faves, of Montreal. Of Montreal is currently on tour playing new material from their upcoming album, False Preist; Janelle Monae is opening for them for most of the tour--with the intent of alot of onstage crossover action. Not to be missed.

of Montreal performs Coquet Coquette from False Priest on Jimmy Fallon.

July 3, 2010

C&P Oiling Chart

Seeing as many oiling charts are difficult to find online, I'm posting them here on my blog, so even I can reference them at my lesiure.

Here is one that is a great outline for oiling points for most C&P's, though certain features will vary. Click on the image to enlarge, and you can print it out for your reference.

We use 30 weight oil on everything- I've heard packing grease between the Pinion Gear & the Large Gear Cam Wheel is a good thing but we haven't done that in a while, pretty messy. If you use a treadle, use vaseline on the treadle hook where it meets the flywheel shaft. Don't forget the Cam Roller & Stud hiding inside the Large Gear Cam Wheel -- it's easy to miss and only appears during a small window during the print cycle. Oiling points on the motor will vary- I've never seen the same motor on a C&P twice!

June 8, 2010

Brooklyn Renegade Highlights 2010

The Renegade Marching Band!

We arrived for the National Stationery Show 3 weeks ago and ever since it's been a whirlwind rife with bloggable happenings. I'm still a week away from things truly cooling down and getting to sit down and write it all out-- but I have a few hours to kill between client meetings here in the W. Village so I'm gonna go ahead and do a quick and dirty look at my faves from the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn that we attended last weekend.

Miniature Rhino, purveyor of stationery and embroidery, offered a Letter Writing Service where you can type up a cute little note, which she would put in a nifty corked bottle before she'd send it via post to your intended recipient. It was one of the highlights of my Renegade experience, (though the audience of fair-goers crowding over my shoulder to read as I typed made me a bit self-conscious.)

Renegade is a fantastic venue to find silkscreened posters. Sel & Vinaigre from Montreal was my kind of freaky retro.

Illustrative wonders silkscreened by Clinton Reno of Columbus, OH.

A smattering of shirts from Print Liberation...

including this one sported by Lydia See. Now she can apologize for her tardy ass with panache.

Imaginative and peculiar illustrated posters from Raw Toast.

Got a booth visit from Jeremy, a senior printer at Studio on Fire, who was wandering the fair wearing this sweet t-shirt.

Up next, NSS highlights!