July 3, 2010

C&P Oiling Chart

Seeing as many oiling charts are difficult to find online, I'm posting them here on my blog, so even I can reference them at my lesiure.

Here is one that is a great outline for oiling points for most C&P's, though certain features will vary. Click on the image to enlarge, and you can print it out for your reference.

We use 30 weight oil on everything- I've heard packing grease between the Pinion Gear & the Large Gear Cam Wheel is a good thing but we haven't done that in a while, pretty messy. If you use a treadle, use vaseline on the treadle hook where it meets the flywheel shaft. Don't forget the Cam Roller & Stud hiding inside the Large Gear Cam Wheel -- it's easy to miss and only appears during a small window during the print cycle. Oiling points on the motor will vary- I've never seen the same motor on a C&P twice!

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