March 26, 2009

Dr. Dockery is in.

I wish I could print this tomorrow. But it will be months before we'll get to it.

We've now spent 2 days, both in the office and bathroom, laughing riotously at an endless variety of greeting card options that arrived via post from our Ace in the Hole from Hillsborough, NC.

Today in the shop I got asked the #1 question about our greeting cards again, which is "who the hell writes these?" Yes I write some, and design most, everyone else here has had their glory and/or glories in one way or another, but nobody can do what Tyler does, which is create a brilliantly illogical fucked up and funny situation from seemingly harmless characters.

It's highlighted cuz its a sure winner and
will probably be on the next negative.

The ideas come to us in vast catalogues, usually 10-25 ideas are used from a single session , but I've been known to go back on stuff from years back and have decided the world is now ready for one particular shock or another. I'm glad I've saved it all, for it is endless.

This will be a poster, not a card.

For the first time ever, Tyler has actually written right on the image page (after he found out thats how WE do) --- instead of his standard notepad rants such as this one from our Oz series, in which he will take multiple cracks at a single image:

My favorite of Oz, "That's right Motherfucker!" came off of this page. Another good caption from the list was "Don't worry, it won't be bad- [Scarecrow] put condoms on ALL his fingers."

Here are a few of Farrell's picks from the new material. The last image is what apparently had Sarah in hysterics in the bathroom and she recited it verbatim from memory to me, tho it were lengthy.

I like to imagine the shoe salesman as Christopher Walken.
You'll see what I mean once I get a design together and break up/pace the dialogue.

I think we have 2 or 3 cards we'll make from this group (wanna vote, make a comment), but that doesn't mean we can't post the funny-but-not-for-cards stuff here.

Just in case you missed Tyler's twitter address from the last post.
Just in case you wanted to know what his day job is.

Just in case you are wondering how Tyler and I know each other, we went to art school together, shared some classes, and lived (next door, Tyler?) in the same dorm. We were on the same floor to be sure. That's another blog, which might or might not happen, one of these days.

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