April 1, 2009

Book-o-philes compare us to our heros!

McSweeney's? For real? Do you not realize that they are gods among men?
All has come full circle, we can now rest easy in our mortal graves.

This came from a newsletter sent by Asheville's most awesome independent bookstore, Malaprops, a place where we have been trying to get our cards in for years now. It took our NC sales rep, Steve, to get our foot in the door, it happened just recently, and Steve reports it is already their best selling card line.

Here it go:

We’re carrying a new line of cards from local letterpress company, Blue Barnhouse. These cards are beautiful, whimsical, and often darkly funny. If you’re a fan of McSweeney’s books, you’ll love the design and sentiments on these cards. Blue Barnhouse has a very strong local following. If you’re not familiar with their work, ask us about them next time you visit and we’ll lead you to them.

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