April 3, 2009

From our Rep in San Diego

Worthy project. Please participate, it's easy.

Greetings Valued Retailers, friends, and family,

This is awesome! It's a grassroots stimulus plan for independent brick & mortar retailers.

Have you heard about the recent online campaign that brings together vendors, small business owners and consumers?

It’s called The 3/50 Project. The project is based on the idea that independent specialty stores are important to our economy and can be saved from extinction if consumers take ownership and pledge to shop them!

Consumers are asked to choose their 3 favorite retail stores and spend $50 a month (total) at them. If half of the employed US population did this it would generate 42.6 BILLION dollars in revenue! The best part is that 68% of that money goes back into the local economy.

How you can get involved:
Go to www.the350project.org and pledge your support.

While you are there, check out the Resources page where you can print flyers, signs and request a free store window cling. Please download the pdf file attached, it's the press release for Project 350, and a very interesting read.

Forward this email on to your customers and friends

Creating positive change has never been so easy!

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