November 26, 2008

Hilarity, Tyler be thy name...

Hey everybody, meet the mind of Tyler Dockery, the ace in the BBH hole. Tyler is a 7 foot tall albino with a wicked white afro who writes many a greeting card for Blue Barnhouse.

And yet in the two years he has been on the payroll he has spent less than an hour in our studio, and I'm fairly certain he has not been seen by anyone on the current BBH roster but me.

There are some who believe he is a figment of my imagination, but I promise you, he is real. I have no existing photos of him, but here is a picture my son drew of him:

We give Tyler a whole bunch of images--he comes back with about 20 pages of (handwritten) lines, usually about 3-5 lines per image (which is why we end up with stuff like the Pogo Boy series--sometimes they're all too good to pass up.)

Most of what we get is way too funny. Also, most of it will never see the light of day, because if you think we are constantly crossing the line, we are actually are holding back some pretty unholy stuff. There's a note (to me? to himself?) on the back of one of his recent submissions that says: "I do not in any way condone sex with minors. I mean honestly, they have no experience. Where's the fun in that?"

Here are two that tickle my pickle but didn't make the cut:

This was from his first writing session two years ago.
How he associated the image with this line is baffling...
but a classic example of Tyler's genius and appeal to
our audience-- perverse, intelligent, and from so far out of left field that it smacks you upside the head. Tyler side-steps clich├ęd
comedy like a nimble matador.

Ha ha, Tyler, but who do you send this card to?

So every time we get a manilla envelope with Tyler's return address, it's christmas morning. I have the joy and privilege of rolling on the floor in hysterics and then the sad duty of deciding which ones NOT to print.

Anyhow, the images in this blog is all new stuff, probably written in a single sitting, not yet printed, and there's more, but jesus... you'll just have to wait.

We pretty much owe our success to the dude, on the other hand, he may be responsible for an STD or two, so we try and keep our gratitude on the DL.


  1. I might have commented on this listing earlier, but ran into a little trouble. You see, while trying to go to the bathroom at the movie theater, I skipped over two stalls without toilet paper and one with pee on the seat before settling on the stall that didn't lock. Unfortunately it was a women's restroom. Hilarity did not ensue.