September 12, 2009


Did I put this image on the blog already? I don't care. It makes me have insane fits of jealousy. STOP THAT SHIT KYLE!!!

So I'll make this super quick, cuz I also have to blog about Kyle's boyfriend today, but Kyle, former BBH apprentice/employee who went on to start Power and Light Press, recently landed an interview w/ a cool craft oriented site called Meet Your Maker.

She is also sharing a table with us at Renegade Craft Fair Chicago this weekend, for the second time in a row, and I totally would be bummed about not being there myself were she not headed to Asheville next.


  1. Congrats, Kyle!
    Details on Renegade, please ...worth the trek?

  2. Not sure if Kyle will get yr comment but from what I can tell it was worth it for her. Definitely worth the trip for BBH, we just signed up for the Holiday Renegade in Chicago coming up in December.