September 13, 2009

Oh, when me friends come down.... to Asheville!

Dustin Hamman of Run on Sentence

MP3 of Run on Sentence song, The Afterlife Pt 1.

One of the many benefits of having Kyle Durrie under our wing for a year was getting to know her boyfriend Dustin, who came to Asheville a couple of years ago for an extended visit while on tour for his band Run on Sentence.

PBR in hand, Dustin, in a rare beardless moment, prints the covers for Run on Sentence's debut album on the BBH Vandercook.

Run On Sentence involves a rotating cast of musicians and could easily be a one man show or a 12 piece extravaganza. I've seen him play as both, and the songs have this rich, complex, and charming quality to them no matter how he dishes it out. Dustin gives a powerful and engaging performance to say the least, and really, I think, alot of us here at the shop were taken aback by how freaking good his music is.

Run on Sentence's debut album Oh When the Wind Comes Down.

MP3 of Run on Sentence song, Stonewall.

This isn't an album we keep in rotation in the shop because he's a friend of ours. It is simply great music. I am all about sonically and lyrically cohesive albums and this one nails that feeling like few can. We've all been itching for a new one to come out, and his next album is nearing completion and should be released in early 2010.

Impromptu coaster designed by Power & Light and printed by BBH for Thursday's upcoming show.

Dustin & Kyle are headed to Asheville as we speak, and somehow miraculously at the last minute we finagled a hosting a performance at the Rocket Club this Thursday (9/17) at 10pm which is absolutely FREE. Seth Kaufman's band Floating Action, a local favorite, will be opening the show.

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