November 8, 2009

Oh ye who knows not what cans of worms ye've opened. Process: Going from hand drawn art to Negative + Color mockup

The original drawing was done on a piece of scrap paper. Krystan hadn't intended on letterpressing this when she started.

So I walked into the shop today and our apprentice Krystan was scanning an image she wanted to letterpress. I asked her a few questions to make sure she was doing it right, and chuckled internally what I learned what she wanted to do with it, because I didn't think she really knew how much work it would take to pull it off. Below are various stages of pulling off her vision. One, she wanted the line work on the feet to be white, two, she wanted to have a lighter white fill inside the line work on the feet. Here's how the process went.

This 3-color separation for the negative took a couple of hours and some technically creative techniques not worth going into. Krystan got a head full of Photoshop and Illustrator functions she will more than likely not remember next week.

This is a low res color mockup we made to be sure what the final product would look like. Pretty f'n sweet.

Krystan Bruce's work will be featured in my book Adventures in Letterpress, and is one of many writers that have been compelled to join the ranks of BBH. She has a blog called Company for Dinner.


  1. Haha. Come in for a scan, stay for the can.
    You give awfully generous publicity, Brandon. Much obliged, to be sure. Even a little plug there at the end for the blog. I await my screaming groupies.
    Now hopefully I actually make it into the book...

  2. aw you can count on being in the book. yr work is awesome...

  3. Wonderous! It turned out so well! And I can brag that I was present in your sleep when the picture came to you:) I can't even begin to understand how complicated the process was even with the step by step pictures.

  4. Funny, I was just thinking the other day that "Bury the Dead" would make a great band name... and wondered that no doubt someone had already thought of it...

    Great work Krystan, very surreal!