November 29, 2009

O ye of the doomed relationship past or present...

Found this anonymous blog about a writer who is making motions towards a separation with his wife that may lead to a divorce-- the fact that its written so well and that it's documented in real time makes it very compelling. It's like reality TV that doesn't suck. Not only are you getting all the juicy developments, but you are actually made to thoughtfully reflect on the joys/sucks of romantic life. If you've ever been through anything remotely close to this experience, this blog is for you.


I know that one of the reasons relationships fail is purely chemical. The routine of the everyday becomes boring and we go into dopamine withdrawal. We take each other for granted, we stop flirting, courting, trying new things together. The addict in our skull cries out for a hit and finds none forthcoming. We go into deep funks and start looking around for a cause. And what are we likely to see? The person we spend the most time with. Oh, must be their fault. Surely, it couldn’t be me. I hang out with other people and I feel great (i.e. I get plenty of dopamine.) Even the scientific method absolves me and convicts you.

The blog is called Chapter After.

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