May 7, 2009

Stationery Show Ahoy!

Sarah knocking out some reprints.

For the first time in BBH history I am slacking off before a show. My Hot GF was in town for a month and we've been hanging out/figuring out what it's gonna look like when she gets here this summer. And since the day before she left, I've been sick, in bed, watching an endless barage of Battle Star Galactica. My official first day back was midday tuesday. The January NYIGF was slack enough that new product is not a top priority. I was gonna print some T-shirts myself, but after what Fritz Klinke of NA Graphics dubbed "the Bluebarnhouse economic stimulus package," that same day I decided to hire a friend to make prototypes of 14 different T-shirt designs in time for the Stationery show two Sundays from today (and bought an iPhone that same day). Yes, we make money. But then we immediately spend it on new endeavors.

F-hizzle screens a call.

We printed like 100 new designs since NYIGF August so I'm not sweating too hard about cranking out anything new, though we finally knocked out the colonoscopy card. That might be a good one for Fritz. I'm more worried about being prepared, as more than 20 styles are awaiting reprints currently, and more than 50% are in a 2nd reprint status and requiring larger, more expensive runs. But there are a few new ones coming out, because it is the BBH tradition, but late nights and stressful leave conditions are not in order this time around. The idea is whatever happens, is what will happen. Everything is waiting for us in NY already. Having a booth stored up in NYC is a huge stress relief, as we can just fly in this year, as opposed to the original ordeal of packing up a trailer driving up all day before setup.

Emily reprints Daddy Come Home.

What else. We got pirate wood postcards now. Again, I am paying an assload to someone else to make new product, which is a new thing but I know I can sling them like candy. I really like these cards and figure our audience will too, so I talked to Kristin Sekula of Spitfire Girl fame about buying these cards I designed for her enmasse at a lower rate than what she normally sells them at and reselling them through our own market. They will have her name and manufacturing on it, our sense of humor and design aesthetic. I got a sample before they went to print. They look amazing.

1 of 6 wooden postcards printed in the pirate tradition.

I've said it before that I don't expect much from the NSS this year. And usually when I don't expect too much I get blindsided-- my hope is that the lack of competiton at the shows will bode very well for us this year. More to report on this subject on the Manhattan side here in a week and a half.

Cranking it out the BBH way. All 3 pressses going all day long.

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