May 6, 2009

I hate to admit this.

Goddamit I love you Katee...

I started watching Sci Fi's Battle Star Galactica. I avoided it, for a VERY long time. Four seasons, It's over now. I just started watching three days ago. All signs, mostly coming from Marc McCloud, purveyor of my favorite video fix, Orbit DVD, and his frakking praises of this series, have brought me to this moment. And maybe some subliminal help from Robot Chicken.

And then there's the media. Newsweek, EW, NY Times (:

"Ideas of faith, coexistence and democracy have been delivered with an air of intellectual rigor and a vagueness that has allowed the series to exist as a tabula rasa on which nearly any strain of speculative meaning might viably take shape."


and many more call it the best television, Ever. I hate 24. I hate Grey's. I hate Lost. Trash, all of it. I have a hard-on for Zach Braff. I do not own a television, but it doesn't mean I can't own a TV series. DVDs are a much more preferable way to watch TV anyway.

I hate this show because I cannot stop watching this show. It is like crack. I weep real human tears every frakking episode, and am deprived of sleep because I cannot stop. I started watching Early Early Monday Morning, it is now Wed Night and I've racked in 30 hrs and I'm not through the second season. That's all I have to say. Fuck all of you! Especially you, McCloud!!!

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