March 6, 2009

My kid knows Rock

I'm not sure how Toby got wind of Van Halen's 1984, which came out eighteen years before he was born.

My seven year old son Toby recently told me about his favorite album, when I asked for more details, he told me the second track was called "Jump" and that there was a picture of a baby angel smoking a cigarette on the album's cover. I immediately knew he was describing the cover art for 1984, an image that forever burned itself into my virgin (and freshly baptised) eight year old mind one fateful Christmas morning.

Van Halen taught me as a child that it is a totally awesome idea to have sexual relations with your hot grade school teacher.

1984 was the first cassette tape I owned. It was given to me by my Granny one Christmas, and it still remains an all-time favorite.

The album is also noteworthy as David Lee Roth's last romp with the band before they kicked him to the curb, which leads to a brief tooting of the old horn (and this segue was definitely not intended or considered when I started writing this post.)

Just a few months ago, Toby's father letterpressed business cards for Sammy Hagar, who took David Lee Roth's place as lead singer of this legendary rock group.

And just in case you are wondering what Sammy is doing "right now"...

Right now, Brandon is not pleased with the terrible pun, but still loves this video, even if it's just another cheesy feel good faux-philosophical-social-commentary rock ballad from the nineties.

...according to the back of his business card, Sammy owns a cantina in Cabo called Cabo Wabo, makes a blue agave tequila by the same name, owns what now appears to be a chain called Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill (who's profits are donated to various Hawaiian Charities), and dabbles in managing musicians/entertainers.

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