March 5, 2009

BBH Top Sellers

At the request of a larger potential client, we were asked to come up with a list of top sellers. Farrell crunched the numbers for "all time" best sellers, best sellers of 2008, and best selling new product of 2009 (we did not relist styles that hit multiple categories.)

Here it goes.

All Time Best Sellers:
1. Once upon a Time
2. Totally
3. I Love My Life With You
4. Cooking With Satan
5. Girls Want Firemen
6. Is This the Lift to Brokeback?
7. Dude, WTF?
8. Good Lord, No Alcohol
9. Alice: Kmart Trash
10. Chopsticks
11. Another Glass of Wine
12. It's a Girl!
13. Left Me for Dead
14. The Nice Daddy
15. Elephant Forget About You
16. Do I Reek of Bourbon?
17. Oh No She Didn't!
18. You Rock
19. Finding Presents
20. Wish You Were Here

2008 Best Sellers
1. Steaming Christmas Surprise
2. Rudolph, Where Are We?
3. You Blew It
4. Elvis Christmas
5. Drinking Alone
6. Holiday Balls
7. Little Wiener
8. Birthday Cart
9. Bless You and Yours, Chief
10. My Biznitch is the Shiznit
11. I had to Bounce, Dog
12. Holla!
13. The Wonders of Viagra
14. Rat Poison/Paprika
15. Iguana Be With You
16. POOF!
17. Pogo Boy Hoppy Birthday
18. Heavy Breathing/Wrong Number
19. Me Have Big Love

The popularity of the Obama cards surprised all of us here,
coming out on top of even our most popular classics.

2009 Best New Product
1. Obama Oath of Office
2. Obama Solid as Barack
3. Obama Fucking Shit is Right!
4. The Parrot's Lament
5. A Coveted Recipe
6. I'd Fuck Me
7. Obama Irie
8. I Wrote That Shit in a Book
9. Palin Can See My Ass
10. Is She Hot Enough?
11. Flaming Success
12. Happy Anniversary Balloon
13. Marriage is Torture
14. Mother!!! Fucking!!! Girl!!! Power!!

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