February 27, 2009

Pirate posting part II: Captain Goodbeard

I hate to stomp on my post from 12 hours ago, in which I proclaimed the glory of a new rap album, which I have not stopped listening to, and it is true, I have not slept yet, but will hopefully soon. But I'm thinking if I write about Spitfire Girl once a day, maybe they'll send me some frigging pictures.

This image is small. To make it large, click on it!

Another wood postcard design for SG. Farrell had this idea:

i feel like that should be one of those corporate posters that have an image of something arbitrary with a caption like: "optimism"

We may just do that, but I'm thinking Arrghptimism.

Also from Farrell, another bit of exciting news in new releases:

with a pitchfork url, you almost don't need to read the article.

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