February 26, 2009

Best Hip Hop Album 2009

Thank you, Kool Kieth.

He's dirty, he's funny, his albums are clever and thematically tight, and he's from Jupiter.

I'm calling this one in early, and unless Andre 3K or Del get their shit in gear I doubt there will be any serious contenders. I haven't been blown away by a hip hop album in a few years, Kool Keith does it to me every time. (past albums of note: Dr Octagonecologist, Black Elvis/Lost in Space)

I'm not going into great detail, the album is all over the place, you should just take my word for it and get it. The album is currently on repeat (3rd time), which I don't do w/hip-hop very often. The beats are sonically gorgeous (beats by Junkaz Lou). Tashan Dorrsett is certain to be in heavy rotation in the shop.

There is a DVD that comes with the store bought version-- it'll be a few weeks before I can sit still long enough to watch it. The EP will be released in April.

Thanks to Harvest Records for telling a brother where the funk at.

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