December 7, 2008

Holiday Art Walk brings new designs to the fold.

We had the presses running this Saturday for the East West Asheville Holiday Art Walk and despite the scads of visitors who visited the studio to get their Holiday Greetings we managed to crank out two new designs, both are among my favorites from what we have lined up for next year's line.

Yesterday when I got the proof for this one via email, it still made me laugh despite the face that I've seen it scads of times during the design process. I showed it to my girlfriend-- her father was recently confined to his bed for a spell, and she was like "This card would have been perfect for my Dad when he was ill."

I never had imagined this card as a "Get Well" card, but what could be more perfect for all the alcoholics in my life? It's a good excuse to beef up the Get Well/Sympathy section of our webstore, which is has looked sparse and tame for far too long.

Here is the other design-- we haven't done any generic party invites since the "lil mixer" coaster, which though a clever idea, fell on its face, because you don't get that it's an invitation until you flip it over, and most folks only give it the frontal glance. My favorite part of the image on this new invite are the five demons crawling in her hair piece, which are so well hidden that I didn't notice them until I had finished the design.

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