December 10, 2008

Doing it from the back: The accidental Tshirt collection

"Got my buttfucking ghosts Tshirt," I wrote to Jon Adams, the creator of the above design. "Ist rad."

"Glad you like it," he replied, "but for the record, ghosts don't have buttholes."

Somehow, I had been added to Jon Adam's mailing list for his comic City Cyclops. When he announced that his company had been selected as one of the illustrators for McSweeney's 28, I started paying attention. I surfed his site a little, found this shirt, had a laugh, dropped some dough.

A few weeks later, I was searching for an AT-AT Tshirt that I saw Brian Posehn wearing in the Mongolian Beef Episode of the Sarah Silverman Show.

It wasn't too hard to find, but by the time I had found it, I had already decided on purchasing a much better version for a mere $8.

This shirt came from an ebay store called Shirt Stash, and is the only shirt worth a laugh in the store. The perfect touch of this Tshirt masterpiece is the submissive leg lift by the receiving AT-AT.

So far, I had two tshirts in which non-animal entities were hitting it from the back. I felt an obsession coming on, but I felt like a strict criteria must be adhered to... if I were to continue to buy Tshirts of this ilk, they had to feature unordinary objects or creatures in the act. I spent a few hours making a search for such Tshirts but with no luck what so ever.

Again, only a few weeks had passed, when I stumbled on this Tshirt called Pumpies on Etsy.

Though delighted at the prospect of owning a Tshirt of sexually depraved puppies, they did not have my size available. I moved on, searching for silkscreened goodies on Etsy. I was not looking for anything "in the act," but within the hour, I stumbled upon DirtyRagz, a Tshirt company clearly obsessed with things mounting other things from the rearside. I bought two shirts--


the second T does not quite fit my original criteria, and it's not exactly crotch to butt action, but clearly some fondling is in the works, with the potential and positioning for mounting it from the rear... it was close enough.

I enlightened the DirtyRagz folks about my growing collection. They sent me an image for another Tshirt that belonged in the family, but at this point I was broke and told them I would have to get it later. But when I got my shirts in the mail, I was floored to find that they went ahead and sent it to me anyways.

Goat on Bull action. Gay and cross species. There is hope yet for humanity. I don't have enough BFing Tshirts for every day of the week just yet, but I'm only going to be wearing these to work, so 5 business days will do for now.


  1. this is such a great collection! i'm currently working on a collection of shirts with corndogs on them. i have one that has two dueling banjo corndogs and it never ceases to amuse me. maybe there's a BFing corndog shirt out there somewhere.

  2. hahaha...I knew from the first time I saw the ghost shirt that this would become an obsession for you, Brandon. You should send a pic of the unicorns to Kevin Barnes; he seems to like them.

  3. I'll be wearing it to the of montreal show in january. maybe with some lipgloss and eyeliner.