October 28, 2009

This is great news.

I can't wait to be back in NYC in January, this is a definite must see. I visited The Hermitage when I was in Beacon, NY and fell in love with all that it stood for and had to offer, and felt lucky to have seen it just weeks before it suddenly and unexpectedly closed down. A letter from the Hermitage regarding its reopening in Brooklyn follows.

Hermitage Returns

I am happy to announce that Hermitage has found a new residence. Since closing its door in Beacon at the end of June, I have been down in the city trying to put together what would be the next step for Hermitage. The search is over, and the new space is set up. Dan Morris at The Arm in Brooklyn has been beyond helpful in making this happen. Many thanks to Dan for giving me a place to lay my head for a while during this transition.

Everything about the new location is even more focused and efficient than 12 Tioronda Avenue. I clean slated nearly all of the books upon closing, and have rebuilt a new collection which I am proud of. One that builds upon what people knew Hermitage for, and which goes into new directions that I am excited about. The letterpress studio here has the addition of a new map press I am eager to get working on, alongside the Vandercook. New publications will be a priority along with ephemera and art works.

Hours are by appointment. I do not mean this as someone who says this on Madison Avenue and 64th Street. I am here. If you want to come let me know. The door is open and all are welcome. The storefront experience proved too time consuming and not cost efficient. This space is a studio where I work and have all the books. It is warm and welcoming.

A beautiful new website has been made by JiaJia Fei to show where Hermitage is currently. Please take a moment to check it out.

Thank you all, and its good to be back.

-Jon Beacham

35 Meadow Street Suite 307
Brooklyn NY 11206


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