July 24, 2009

Call for Letterpress Submissions

I have recently signed a contract to write a 178 page book tentatively called Adventures in Letterpress and will be gathering over 200 images of letterpress for the book. The publisher is Mark Batty Publisher, a well respected design oriented book publisher in both the US and the UK who makes high quality books.

This book will be a large collection of images of letterpress in all its varieties from studios nationwide and perhaps even around the world. I am now collecting images for the book. We are looking for a wide variety of styles so if you know someone who might be interested, please pass this information along, I am especially interested in finding underground studios/artists that have so far been under the radar.

Stage 1 Guidelines for Submission
1. Please send no more than 6 images of your most innovative letterpress projects to submissions@bluebarnhouse.org. Low res images are okay and actually preferred for now. More images will be requested if we like what we see.
2. Send along a bio about you or your studio & contact information.
3. Eventually we will need high quality photos of your work. Please do not send work that is no longer available to be photographed using our file guidelines (see below). If you are unable to take a professional photo of your work, we will be able to take photos of a limited number of artist's work provided you can send it to us.
4. Letterpress can include but is not limited to posters, packaging, books, art prints, business cards, greeting cards, etc.
5. Seriously, don't send us pics of letterpressed wedding related items. We're not interested and it lessens your chances of being accepted.
6. Mailed submissions of letterpress will also be acceptable, please provide return postage if you would like your work returned to you. Submissions can be mailed to:

Adventures in Letterpress
c/o Blue Barnhouse
428-B Haywood Rd
Asheville, NC 28806

8. Cutoff date for submissions is September 1st.

Publisher Guidelines
• You maintain the copyright to your Art and that it is your intellectual property.
• You will not receive any monetary compensation from the Publisher for your Art in connection with the Book.
• Your name and a brief bio will be included in the Book in order to provide proper credit for your Art.
• Your Art can only be included in the Book if the related electronic files can meet the technical
specifications defined by the Publisher. All files should be uncompressed, at least 10x12 inches in
size and at a resolution of 300DPI.
• Upon publication of the Book you will receive one (1) copy for your contribution.

This is a great opportunity for exposure. We look forward to seeing what comes our way. Further questions can be directed to submissions@bluebarnhouse.org


  1. You rock, I've always loved your LP goods! What a fun project! Expect images soon :)

  2. I hope i am still in consideration for this awesome collection? Here is a link to my Flickr. This is a follow up message to an email already replied to by BB folks. Thanks again.

    Jeff Macklin

  3. everyone is still up for consideration. there are no definites until submissions are closed.

    yrs, the kids at blue barnhouse