May 12, 2009

Drunkmail finally pays off.

How many mornings have I woken up and regretted all the emails I've sent the night before? More than I care to admit. We got a little tipsy at the shop last night & I decided to email Blue Barnhouse's favorite band to tell them I'd be interested in helping them out with some sort of special edition packaging. Imagine my surprise when the frontman emailed me back the following morning and asked if I was capable of putting together 100,000 insanely intricate packages for their next album. A few hours later the co-president of their record company emailed me and we've been shooting emails back and forth all day. I'm not saying any names until some handshaking happens but believe me, if it happens, it will be the highlight of my career, and likely the largest project I've ever taken on to date.

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