May 16, 2009

NSS2009 Part the the 3rd: All the shite that happened between the last time I blogged and this morning.

5 sleepless nights, 10 new cards, 14 new T-Shirts, 1 new electric paper cutter, 1 honest to goodness near death of an employee/apprentice, 1 flight to NYC, 54 hours spent recouperating in a bed in the basement of my mother's home, a 2nd reunion w/ my twin bro Tony replete w/ the expected family drama, and 30 straight hrs of my latest obsession, Battlestar Galactica (6 more hours to go before I'm done, people.)

Reinking the little guy.

I've NEVER seen someone clean the big guy like this. Thankfully, Emily signed a waiver.

The printing of Rinaldo's Doo-Hickey.

A 30o run of 4 designs printed from 9pm to 1:30 AM. Rinaldo's Doo-Hickey and Say "Moo" topside.

The beast that replaced our crappy manual Challenge paper cutter, an electric 30" Challenge paper cutter w/ digital readout- a huge investment made on the mere fact that the provider took a shitty deposit and no interest financing.

At 1:45 AM, the night before I left for NYC, an intoxicated woman drove a Subaru thru the patio of the Admiral and into the building, missing our friend/employee/apprentice Emily by mere inches. Emily survived, her drink, and the glass it was in, did not. 25 people were on the patio, all jumped away from the oncoming vehicle, none were hurt, damage was approximated to be about $50K. She was issued a DUI after trying to fake a breathalizer test, and she had no collision insurance, nor will her insurance cover the damage she's done. She hit a phone pole at the back of the parking lot in reverse before putting the car in drive, revving up the engine, and plowing through the patio at an estimated 45mph. I assume that she will be paying for this damage etc for the next decade. It was the second time the Admiral had been hit by a car, the creepy part is that the car landed in the exact same spot they had repaired less than a year ago.

The West Asheville Police Force brought out 8 cars for the incident. The girl was arrested for blowing with less force "than an elderly person w/ emphesema." It should also be mentioned that she jumped out of the car after putting it through the building screaming "I'm not drunk!" followed by her downing several glasses of water and forced puking in the unisex bathroom.

I heard the crash from inside the bar, which was filled w/ dust and smoke w/in seconds. Also, iphones should come w/ a flash.

T-Shirts AHOY Pt 2.
I'm really amazed what a great model our apprentice Nicole is for our new T-Shirt line. Farrell, of course, is a whore for the camera, as I learned watching his brief UNCA acting career. These are all prototypes and we're actually going to be altering 75% of these designs based on our newfound knowledge of the Tshirt biz. Most of these shirts designs came out smaller than we'd hoped for. Forgive the photo clarity folks, we're working as fast as we can to make some kick ass product.

St. Mommy.

Definitely the crown jewel of our apparel, the MILF ACADEMY hoodie.

One of the few BBH classic's that made TSHIRT fame, Mark Doin' Himself.

Nicole has now been crowned as the penultimate disco bitch.

I designed this as a kids T. Nicole makes it work for the ladies.

Go Play Outside! A fave among BBH patriots.

A message of love shared btwn myslf and college buddy Dan Land.

My oldest sister's ex-husband and my little bro Matt, chilling before the day of BBH reckoning. We discuss the possibility of a surfing trip during my 3 week NJ stay.

I want to frak the ever-living crap out of Kara Thrace.

Kyle prepares for NSS on the NJ Transit Train for her part in the show the BBH way: Hours before setup!

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